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LUMA Illuminated lettering

‘LUMA’ Illuminated Stainless Steel Lettering

A new development in illuminated stainless steel lettering, made exclusively by Centre Signs in Leicester, introducing the new concept ‘LUMA’ ™

In the past if your stainless letters needed Halo illumination, the opal or clear back-trays were fitted inside the letters. This idea has worked perfectly well for at least 25 years and probably more. Centre Signs has taken advantage of the new LED technology and advanced their letter building techniques to develop a new concept in illuminated lettering. 

Illuminated Stainless Steel Lettering

Our new innovation

No longer are the back-trays hidden inside the letters with large visible screw heads, the letter returns are now “flush” with the edges of the fully visible back-trays, enabling halo and edge lit illumination at the same time, hence ‘LUMA’. The back-trays can still be held in place but with smaller and subtler screws if required.


As you’d expect the quality of the lettering is up to our own high standards – but still within an affordable price range. All LEDs have a rating of IP65 or higher and carry a 3 year manufacturers guarantee. As with all aspects of LED illumination there are certain restrictions with regard to minimum stroke widths depending on the typeface, but this shouldn’t detract from the final product or the stunning visual appearance.

Halo, Edge lit lettering

This new “LUMA”  style is ideal for Retail, POS, Marketing, Reception and Conference areas, Bespoke interior concepts, Arrivals and Departures, Cruise Liners, Marketing Suites  in fact absolutely anywhere where you need your signage to be noticed day or night.


As with all lettering made by Centre Signs the letter faces and returns are of the highest quality from reputable Stainless stockholders, Traditional yellow metals  Brass and Copper are also available. As with all our lettering  the main styles/fonts can be manufactured, as can bespoke and corporate.


This new and exclusive approach to both halo and edge lit letters currently using White, Blue or Red LEDs for effective and distinctive signage is a winner for all Architects, Designers and Sign makers.

The photo shows the letter “R” at 125mm caps and the lower case “e” at 90mm.