Centre Signs | Signage Fabrication Services - Trade Only
We provide Folded Trays and Fascia’s, Double Sided and single Sided Circular Sign Cases, Unusual Bespoke Designs
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Sign Fabrication

Signage Fabrication

We have proven expertise and experience. All fabrication is undertaken in our Leicestershire facility, and we use only the best quality materials. We fabricate to your specification and supply the following:

Circular Sign Cases

From 300mm to 4000mm diameter, complete with wall brackets.


Aluminium or Stainless Steel Trays

Fabricated with or without text cut into the faces.

If you decide on text cut into the fascia we can also supply the Perspex push through letters and LEDs fitted onto the back-trays.


Folded Trays & Facias

Supplied as short or as long as you specify, Face joints if required will be mechanically fixed together from the backs, we will always advise you on available sheet sizes and jointing positions if required.


Flat Cut Panels

Should your client’s budget be limited, Centre Signs can offer the service of Flat cut panels and shapes, again using the best quality Aluminium or Stainless Steels available. The Flat cut panels can range from directional road style signage to information plaques.


Sign Brackets

Centre Signs also has the capability for bespoke aluminium or steel brackets made to your specification.

Stainless Steel | Options


  • Mirror Polished, Brushed or Satin
  • Stove Enamelled (painted)
  • Titanium Coloured Stainless


Aluminium | Options


  • Powder coated
  • Stove Enamelled